A short piece of formal writing that deals with a single subject. The essays are typically written to persuade using some research evidence to the Reader.

The essay format will help you write and organize your essay in the most specific and flexible form. Maintaining a clear structure that analyzes arguments, evidence, and opinions is well purposed in writing an essay.

However, writing an essay can involve common mistakes you should be aware of. By keeping in mind the common mistakes and issues while writing an essay, you can avoid them in your academic success.

A list of the most common writing mistakes to avoid in writing an essay.

1. Sentence fragments

Sentence fragments are the pieces of sentences that are disconnected from the main clause. These are incomplete sentences and lack both a subject and a word. They are fragments and not stylistic, so they appear inappropriate for writing an essay. It lacks independent clauses etc.

2. Content mistakes in an essay

Well, a perfect essay usually needs an impressive introduction and well-organized content with a powerful conclusion that makes the complete structure impress The Reader. There are some tips you should keep in mind while writing an essay so that the content mistakes are not so much.

  • Try to include relevant facts, specific examples, and concrete subject matter details.
  • Always single out the keywords and then elaborate on those keywords based on your ideas with some facts, examples, and details.
  • Always maintain a good introduction that gives a background for the whole essay.
  • Try to write a factual statement to express the writer’s thoughts on the specific topic, and the Idea must be developed to tell the reader about the particular thesis statement.
  • Try not to write a thesis statement if you don’t have enough ideas to support and formulate.
  • To maintain the emphasis on the essay’s purpose and importance, try to write a powerful conclusion.

3. Basic grammar and spelling mistakes

If you are writing an essay, then you should try to avoid at least basic grammar and spelling mistakes in your essay. It is pretty evident that grammar and spelling mistakes are sometimes unintentionally created, but, of course, you should try to use some grammar spelling checking tools that you can use for free of cost to avoid such mistakes in the future. Try to use Microsoft Word or Google docs so that the basic grammar in spelling checking will become easy for you and improve your essay writing grade.

For example, “the whether is so good”. In this, the word weather should be used instead of whether to get the right meaning.
Basic grammar mistake includes “these is not good”. This is a basic grammar mistake were using is in 3rd person is not allowed. You should instead write “this is not good” to get the right meaning.

Making elementary grammatical errors like these is not acceptable. This is a fundamental error in grammar; you are not permitted to use it in the third person. Instead, you should express that this is not good to get the intended point through.

4. Too many arguments

Another mistake is defending the thesis with solid arguments and many facts, quotes, and statistics. It is not mandatory to use too many arguments in a five-a-paragraph essay. It would help if you tried to have three main ideas as it will not complicate the paper’s writing structure and its understanding to the reader.

5. Plagiarism

You might have listened to the Term plagiarism quite often. But if you don’t know what plagiarism is? Then it is simply a mistake where you are not allowed to write someone else Idea as your own. This is something to be called a serious offense in Academics and education. Try to avoid these mistakes using some Plagiarism tools to make sure that your work is immaculate and free of any lake.

6. Confused introduction and conclusion

In the introduction part of the paragraph, you should try to introduce the main concepts and present the thesis statement in it. Always try to craft a practical introduction and a convincing conclusion, and revise those introduction and conclusion parts as often as necessary until you get the perfect one.

7. Avoid repetition

Being repetitive during an essay is also many students’ most common mistake. When the Idea of the topic is repeated, it indicates insufficient knowledge of the topic. As the reader finds repeated words, it conveys clearly that professional writing is not there, and arguments and ideas are not structured from one Idea to another. You can avoid such repetitions with the help of essay writing services and skilled assistance from professional writers.

Example: search for plagiarism checker tools available online that accurately finds the percentage of plagiarism found in the essay.


The essay writer often overlooks the common mistakes in essays. Therefore, if you want to create the most excellent paper possible and have your thoughts well arranged, ensure that your essay does not include any of these typical faults. You may prevent these mistakes by using online resources and getting writing aid from your instructor or any other person who is educated about the subject. This will allow you to fully arrange your paper with the research, the best proofreading, and the topic.